Eduardo Fuentes, in the new Understanding Illustration book by Derek Brazell & Jo Davies

Eduardo Fuentes distinctive Ghosts work featured in the new Understanding Illustration book by Derek Brazell & Jo Davies.

Edu Fuentes is a Spanish-born illustrator, currently based in London. He studied Photography and Illustration at The School of Art and Design, and have been working as a freelancer since 2004.

“I chose these three Hawaiian birds because of their colourful plumage and because I wanted to portray their habitats and the reason for their destruction – disease carried by mosquitoes, agriculture, predation by cats and rats, pineapple plantations and the introduction of grazing mammals. I made a high-quality limited edition of 20 prints for each image.”




The beauty of Ghosts?

The beauty of Ghosts? that you often find such different artists sitting comfortably alongside one another: so here’s another two limited edition prints we have to offer from the wonderful Dafila Scott and the very talented Mr Adam Bridgland…

Dafila Scott trained as a zoologist and spent the first part of her career studying Bewick’s swans and other waterfowl. After her research career, she turned to drawing and painting and now works as an artist.

Most of her work is inspired by wildlife and landscape and features animals or places with which she has become familiar. As a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists, she has exhibited regularly at their annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries as well as at regional shows and at other galleries. She has also illustrated books and articles.

Her work includes both figurative wildlife paintings and abstract landscapes inspired by visits to Wales and to the South African Kalahari. However, she is equally happy to gain inspiration at home in the garden or on the surrounding fenland. In February 2011 she spent a month as artist in residence sponsored by the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute on the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Vessel HMS Scott in the Antarctic and has spent time recently working from drawings and memories of this trip.

Adam Bridgland, A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Adam Bridgland has shown widely both in the UK and Internationally, recently at the London Art Fair, and as part of the Courtauld Institute of Art’s East Wing Project. Adam states of his work; “Much of the subject matter for my work is taken from the everyday world. They are often pieces that have a heavy leaning towards ‘Englishness’ or kitsch” His work is held in many public and private collections, including those of the V&A, UBS, Boeing and Debbie Harry.